How vilage women can use Consumer Law very EASILY by posting complaints?

This post is to say how Consumer Law Can be Introduced to Village Women.

They must be told:

1) Consumer Courts are free.
They are made to protect consumers.
Lawyers are not necessary.
One village woman can file and argue consumer cases for ALL other Women.

2) When they can complain:

a) If a shop keeper is not giving bills for purchased items to anyone.

b) If goods given are defective and not good.

c) If some Service is hired, like laundry clothers, camera for wedding, transport service, insurance non payment etc.

3) How they can complain? How should they go about introducing Consumer Law to Villages?

These are important steps:

1) First, print a pamphlet that Few Women have Set up A Consumer Forum and they will complain for all in villages, if a) Bills are not given by shop keepers and (b) if goods supplied are bad.

2) Circulate these pamphlets to all Shops in Village.

Thereafter what ?

Then if any complaints comes that a shop keeper is not giving bill, file a consumer complaint.

If complaints in any goods supplied comes, file complaints.

4) Samples of Ready-made Complaints

An address of nearest Consumer Court should be given to village women

Few Samples of Complaint can be collected from this nearest court and Can be given to village women.

They should be told that Complaints with Copies Can be sent by POST also to consumer Court.

5) What Details Should be Minimum Given in Complaint

1) Name and full address of complainant, Names and full address of Shop

2) When did the goods were purchased? Was any bill or receipt given? If not given say so. If given, attach copies. If Bill is not given, say who was with you when you purchased. He/She may become a WITNESS.

3) Say what defects are found

That is enough. Minimum.

6) What Consumer Court will do?

They will call the shop keeper and decide the case.

Haresh Raichura


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