When An Activist-Citizen Can Say That Government body passed some order with "Malice and ill will’ against him?"

The Government and semi-government bodies are in number of thousands or lakhs.

Often they pass wrong order against some Activist-citizens, with some kind of Malice, ill will or for some kind of revenge.

In law, the words for such action is “Legal Malice”

When any Govt. or Semi Govt body passes any order “without a legal excuse or power to do so, in complete disregard to right of others” it can be said that order is passed with Legal Malice and Courts can set aside such order.

Detailed Law and further analysis in this regard can be found in Case of Kalabharti Advertising reported in 2010(9) Scale page 60 on page 69 para 25

Haresh Raichura

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