If you see open borewell anywhere tweet photo and if possible write District Magistrate with reference of SC Judgement.


If you are in village or City or if you see any open bore well, pothole or man hole in which a child can fall,

And if you are an activist, then here is a weapon through which you can force District Magistrate and other authorities to move into action.

Way back since August 2010′ Supreme Court has issued various guidelines to Government and District Magistrate authorities to take steps to prevent accidents of children falling in wells and borewells.

It is now upon people and authorities to impiment these directions.

A simple notice to District magistrate, along with reference of Supreme Court Judgement, may be enough to move government in action.

People can also file writ in High Court if they see that District Magistrate or other authorities are not complying with guidelines.

People can also drop a letter with details of open borewell and reference of SC judgement to PIL cell of Supreme Court.

The more details guidelines can be found/ traced in law reports, Supreme Court Judgement 2010 (8) Scale page 448 on page 449

Haresh Raichura

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