SAD LAWS : Value of life of a poor man. Death in Police Custody. Supreme Court Directed Gulties to pay Rs.10 Lakh


The victim was a poor man named Bassapa Kuri.

First, allegedly president of District Panchayat, tied Bassapa on telephone pole in front of his house and was beaten up.

When, Bassapa went to complain to police station, he was taken in custody by police where he died.

Relatives filed complaint.

District Administration announce Rs 1 Lakh.

Relatives went to High Court. High Court ordered 3 Lakh more in addition to 1 Lakh.

Supreme Court directed that Total Rs.10 Lakh be paid to relatives of deceased.

Dy. Commr of Dharwad V/s. Shivakka

2011 SCALE (2) 422

The legal battle consumed 9 years for relatives of deceased.

The questions which comes to my mind (1) What about interest for 9 years delay?
(2) What is the price of life of a poor man?

Haresh Raichura


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