Wake Up India! Every Citizen has right to run Sting Operation on any corrupt public servant with permission of Police Dept.

Yes. This is about your right to run sting operation on any corrupt public servant or government servant. Use your rights if you want your next generation to live in a Corruption Free India.

Discuss this idea with a group of your friends. Circulate This Idea to more people to discuss workability.

An Earlier Story

I read this story many years ago in Reader’s Digest.

A newly joined lawyer saw that there was lot of corruption in District Court. Judges were corrupt. Public Prosecutors were corrupt. Lawyers were taking money from otherside for losing cases of their own client.

His blood boiled.

He went to Police Chief and asked permission to run sting operations on corrupts.

The police gave him permission for one month on One condition:

1) Everyday evening, he will file a report in office as to who was given bribe, how much and tape or video recording.

This was a safe guard to see that that the “Sting Operator Do not Himself Become a Blackmailer”.

For One Month

This young lawyer kept running sting operation on Judges, Court Clerks, Public Prosecutors, Lawyers. Every evening he deposited details in police office.

Then the scandal was broke. Police registered cases against about 30 Judges, Lawyers, Public Prosecutors, court clerks etc. They were suspended, dismissed, prosecuted and jailed.

Actions from High Court followed.


This lawyer did a good service and exposed corruption in District Court. But thereafter, it was not possible for him to practise in court. Everyone shuned him.

He shifted to practice in another city.


If you want to run a Sting Operation, at your own cost and at your own risk, go to Police Chief and ask permission under Sec.149 and 154 of Criminal Procedure Code. He may grant you permission with conditions.

He may ignore your application. He may refuse.

If permission is not granted Then next step is to write a joint letter to (1) Chief Justice of India, (Letter Petitions), (2) Chief Justice of Nearest High Court (LetterPetitions)

Title your letter as : Application under Art.226 to direct Police to grant permission to Run Sting Operation.

If You get no response from High Court or Supreme Court, then consult a lawyer and file regular writ petition in High Court. Do not forget to mention earlier letter which you posted and you applications to Police.

High Court will take the call.

The suggestion above is new. Law needs to be examined and settled. Someone has to take First Step.

Haresh Raichura
11June, 2012

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