Wake Up India ! After No-Sanction-Needed SC Judgement, an Advocate filesPRIVATE COMPLAINT against PSI for Corruption


The Supreme Court Judgement in Case of Dr. Subramanian Swamy versus Dr. Man Mohan Singh and others came, on 31st January, 2012

It said two things:

1) Any Citizen can file a Private Complaint against any Public Servant for charges of corruption in nearest Court.

2) No sanction needed when court registers it as a Complaint Case and Directs its Investigation of Corruption Charges by Higher Officers.

On 15/5/2012. A brave advocate in Jamnagar in Gujarat, name AMIT PARMAR in Jamnagar, went to court with a Complaint of Massive Corruption by a Police Inspector. He produced 200 pages of documentary evidence.

Judge hesitated in accepting the Complaint.

Judge asked, “How can you file a complaint? He never asked any bribe from you. How can I accept your Compliant? What right you have to file this complaint?

The advocate said something like this, “Look at recent Supreme Court Judgement in Case of Dr. Subramanian Swamy Versus Dr. Man Mohan Singh”

The Judge agreed.

He admitted complaint and ordered INVESTIGATION Report under Sec.202 from ANTI CORRUPTION BRANCH and also directed that INVESTIGATION be done under direct supervision of Top Director of ANTI CORRUPTION BRANCH.

Well, India has won.

Supreme Court has won. Justice Ganguly and Justice Singhavi have won. The people of India have won. Dr. Subramanian Swamy has won. You have won. You have to now begin. 

Amit Parmar, advocate who filed this complaint for benefit of people, is on FACEBOOK.

Haresh Raichura

7th June,2012

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